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Is Yung Baby Tate Using Nicki Minaj For Streams Or Playing It Smart?




Yung Baby Tate was accused of "using Nicki Minaj" to help get streams for her new song "Eenie Meenie," which is good, by the way. Well, in defending herself against accusations, it appears that Yung Baby Tate may have taken shots at peers she does believe are using the Queen to push their music.

Yung Baby Tate tweeted, "There are girls who do a lot of dumb shit for streams. Start fake beef. Try to say they have more bars than Nicki Minaj. Say they gone quit music. Give away money. I just drop bops & go. I don't need the extras; my talent speaks very loudly for itself."

At first, I thought she was talking about Cardi B when I read "fake beef," but after that point, I thought Cupcakke. But, then who says they have more bars than Nicki???? So, she may have had a few people on her mind when writing the tweet, so I don't know who she is talking about, LOL.

Any guesses?



Let me just say something about this new trend of accusing all the female rappers of "using Nicki Minaj." I have noticed the increase in girls showing "love" to Nicki, which does come off calculated. At first, I rolled my eyes, but then I realized they are only doing what Nicki would have done if she were an upcoming girl

and saw an opportunity to gain new fans.

My SPECULATION is that many do not believe Nicki Minaj is returning to music entirely. Since they are in the industry, they may have information that we don't have about Nicki's situation. So, when/if Nicki does back away from the industry, she leaves a bunch of fans with tons of time on their hands. They will need a new "Queen" to worship. I think all of this is a play for Nicki's fans, and I ain't mad at it. They are not using Nicki; just let'n her fans know there are other girls besides Doja Cat.

I do believe these girls are fans of Nicki, but that does not mean you ignore opportunity when it's in your face.


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