J Prince posted a message to Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram. I guess since he is not a party on TRO, he can speak out on Megan. This is Carl Crawford's way of getting around the TRO.

The same thing they are saying Roc Nation is doing to Megan, J Prince is doing to Carl Crawford. J Prince, who was not in the picture until Roc Nation was hired, is trying to get a piece of the Megan Thee Stallion pie. He is whispering outdated music industry methods in Carl Crawford's ears.

I don't think Carl Crawford is a bad guy without the influence of J Prince. I think he is a man who did not know what he was doing and made his own mistakes just like Megan. He has admitted he doesn't know the music industry and lucked out with Megan. That is why he went from T Farris to J Prince. If Carl Crawford had got with someone who really wanted to see this work out instead of someone who wanted to push this "MOB TIES" BS/trying to get a bag, this would not have escalated.

Y'all reading this bullsh*t. He is accusing Megan Thee Stallion of making SLANDEROUS LIES and LYING IN AN AFFIDAVIT, but instead of suing her to clear his "good" name, he wants to call her "brainwashed" because women must be brainwashed to have their contract reviewed by their management lol. This is because he doesn't have a "good" name and everything he is accused of, is what he is known for.

Remember in my last post I had asked why didn't Carl Crawford sue Megan for breach of contract if he hasn't been paid for 6 MONTHS??? I did read that Megan's CONtract prevents her from suing if she has an issue with 1501, she must arbitrate it. But, he is not prevented from suing.

Carl and J Prince prefer to win in the court of public opinion because they probably have no real case in this matter. They also hope to damage Megan's brand by making this messy. This is giving me Nicki Minaj blackball tease.

This is how Houston moves??? This is some corny sh*t. Megan is not in Houston the same way Carl Crawford left Houston to pursue his career. If I was Megan, I definitely would not go back to Houston with the way J Prince is talking. We know these men have no issue rough'n up a woman.

Now, you see how J Prince said that Carl Crawford invested hundreds of thousands in Megan. Well, she made 7M (just on streams) and she is putting out music (if he would let her) that Carl Crawford gets the bigger cut of. He is acting like Megan is one of those artists who decide to boycott until their contract is renegotiated. Megan is one of the hardest working rappers in the game. Once you get back a profit on what you invested, you really have no room to complain. They are just mad that unlike the lie Carl told, Megan is probably going to get her masters. Taylor Swift would be proud.

P.S. Constantly using Megan's mothers' name is corny as fck.

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