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Joe Budden Insinuates Nicki Minaj Is The G.O.A.T. of Young Money Because She Slept With Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj's name is once again in the spotlight, thanks to Joe Budden's latest podcast stunt. Just days after what seemed like a friendly interview, Budden suggested that Lil Wayne crowned Nicki the "G.O.A.T." of Young Money not for her mic skills but for her prowess in the bedroom.

While it's tempting to sympathize with Nicki Minaj in the face of such rhetoric about female rappers, it's hard to ignore her own penchant for engaging in similar talk against her female rap peers. The real "Gag" is that Nicki's aligning nonsense doesn't shield her from often becoming the laughingstock among her male peers.



Joe Budden Insinutes that Nicki Minaj slept with Lil Wayne.

In my 'Pink Friday 2' review, I highlighted the male rappers she consistently collaborates with, who often show up to deliver their worst performances for her. It seems she accepts it because, in her mind, male approval still carries the weight it did during her come-up, even though it no longer does.

Now, once again, Nicki finds herself with egg on her face, courtesy of someone she considers a friend, when she could have just gone on with "Caresha, Please."


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