TMuthafcknZ rushed to put on a misleading headline, per usual, about Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty. Below is a summary and my thoughts on what is going on with Kenny and Nicki Minaj

On July 28th, Kenneth Petty requested to modify the location monitoring conditions set in his release

order. As we know, Kenny was irresponsible because he did not register when he moved to California and was arrested on this violation. In the court documents, the reasons for this modification request are 1) Kenny is employed as Nicki Minaj's manager, and he needs to be able to travel as well as work outside of curfew hours. Now, isn't this interesting? I think Kenny is a "manager" in name only. I do believe Onika Tanya Maraj has EXPERIENCED managers who do the real work. 2) Kenny Petty also wants to make sure he is around for his child's birth if Nicki happens to go into labor outside of his curfew hours. NOT FOR THE DUMBASS REASONS THAT OTHERS ARE TRYING TO INSINUATE. I wish Nicki would start suing since she already gotta pay for lawyers.

The AUSA does not object to the modifications, so this request will probably be granted.

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