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Latto Shines On Features" Live My Best Life" And "One Light"

Is Latto The Best Female Feature In Rap Music.


Big Latto is keeping it not let'n up with 2 feature drops yesterday. She is on Calvin Harris's new project "Funk Wav Bounces, Vol 2 " on track #12, "Live My Best Life" with Snoop Dogg. Surprisely, the song works for me. Latto shows off her singing vocals and then slides right into what she does best - rapping.

Latto also makes an appearance on Bantu's "One Light" remix with Bleu and Maroon 5. She again shows how easily she can flow over any beat, and we get singing Latto again. This may become her new thing as Hip Hop becomes less popular.


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Aug 06, 2022

She’s everywhere but no where at the same time. 🤯

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