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Latto Leaks Phone Call With Nicki Minaj + More

Last night Latto got into a war of words with Nicki Minaj after being dragged into Nicki's fight with the Grammys. It ended with Latto leaking a phone call she had with a difficult Nicki Minaj. Just listening to this makes me sick. I remember when people would tell me I should work for Nicki, and I always said never. I cannot stand the way she talks to people. She is just too fck'n rude.


Below are some of the tweets.

Nicki should never tweet about rape again.


Below are some of the DMs between the two. Nicki, of course, is so obsessed with Megan that she had to take a dig at her in one of these messages. But, crying about Black women not sticking up for her. What a joke.

Also, you see the message where Nicki said it's better for her to hop on a song AFTER it's made a cultural impact. That says it all.


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