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Let's Talk Saweetie, Megan, Cardi, and Nicki

Let's talk Saweetie, Megan, Cardi, and Nicki.




We have seen the photos of the newly blonde Saweetie living her best pretty bitch life on the beach, but during an interview with The Rap Life, she divulged she is actually not just working on her tan but doing an artist development boot camp.

We all know that Saweetie got dragged for her performance on Triller's Fight Club last week. I did not expect dancing to be an issue for Saweetie, but that is what unfortunately caught my attention.

Well, it apparently caught Saweetie's attention too. When asked what takes place in this artist development boot camp, she shared, "I'm going to focus on what I struggle with; I struggle with breath control. I'm going to work on my dance moves, my details...all that good stuff. My body, my stamina, my everything."

I have to applaud Saweetie for being honest with herself because that seems to be the hardest thing for most artists. The second most challenging thing is for them to be honest publicly. I feel like she has the right mindset for success, and I cannot wait for her to shut people up.




Speaking of people shutting up, Megan Thee Stallion announced she was going on a SOCIAL MEDIA break. Even though she made the announcement, with 3 separate posts, people are still trying to turn it into a Dateline mystery. I feel like people forget that she did not have to say anything. Her team could have taken over her social media, and no one would have known the difference.

So, now some people have decided this pre-festival break has to be related to going to rehab, being cloned, or Tory Lanez. If a two-month break equals all of this, then some of y'all faves have been in several rehabs and cloned a bunch of times. When isn't Tory brought up? Where is that video with Da Baby?

I feel like the decision to go public was strategic. Megan and her team knew the undercover fans would keep her name buzzing until she returns in July for her festival shows. Now, if Megan had cancelled her performances, I would be suspicious about what is going on, but just like with Saweetie, Megan is probably focusing on making sure people can't say shit about her live shows.

Also, taking breaks is HEALTHY. I do not want there to be a stigma around women taking breaks.