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Let me act shocked...


A few days ago, in the forum area (Yaya-Gram), I asked if people liked this original version or the released version of the Say So Remix. To my annoyance, a few people decided to project their insecurities onto my question and accused me of trying to get people to be negative to a certain artist. Even though that has never happened before on this blog except in their heads, they decided to turn my post negative based on sh*t they saw on other pages.

So, imagine the smirk on my face when I wake up to blogs posting about the original Say So remix being

released. Not only that, but they are asking the same question I asked about which version do you prefer. I hope the same energy is given to ALL those blogs that I received because I will be checking. I'm being facetious when I say that because I really don't want any more negativity to surround this song.

I suspected this version of the song was going to be released since the track was allowed to stay on Youtube. That is why I asked the fck'n question to gauge how good this version could possibly do. But NOOOOOOOO! I had fools coming for my neck. God forbid we stay AHEAD OF THE CURVE over here.

What's not going to happen is people coming over here getting upset over someone posting something they did not want to read. If you don't have the ability to skip over posts, then skip this entire page. The forum area is a space for people to provide their ORIGINAL THOUGHT on topics. If you are happy, sad, mad, or just have something random to say, go ahead and post it. However, coming over here telling us every negative comment people are saying on OTHER PAGES without adding your perspective is as valuable as a penny with a hole in it. I can only assume you're a messy bottom.


What is not allowed is people lashing out at others because of the voices in their heads. You are not

allowed to get mad because someone does not think like you or want to join your STAN-DOM/CULT. This Lord of the Flies mentality I see spreading among the blog/Youtube communities is corny and not welcomed here. What is welcomed here is INDEPENDENT THOUGHT.

See, I got plans for this blog. So, if you don't do good with debating sh*t, going back and forth, and providing support for your arguments, then maybe this page is above you. If you are only a fan of a particular artist, but not really a fan of Rap/R&B then perhaps this page is above you. I refuse to allow whiners to scare away the people I want to contribute to this page. So it's up to you if you stay or go.



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