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Madonna Calls Out Tory Lanez For Illegally Sampling Her Song "Into The Groove"


It looks like Tory Lanez and his widdle feet have stepped in it again.

Tory, notorious for forgetting to credit the artists he bites, nibbles, and chomps from, may have bitten off more than his big teeth can chew when none other than Madonna requested he check his DMs.

Madonna wrote, "Read your messages for illegal usage of my song get Into the Groove!"

Madonna Calls Out Tory Lanez For Illegal Use Of her Song "Get Into The Groove"

Yep, allegedly Tory forgot to get permission to use a Madonna sample on "Pluto's Last Comet" off his flop project, "Aone At Prom." I listened, and it's no question he sampled Madonna. You know it the minute you hear it. But I guess we have to wonder if he really thought he could get away with this shit on someone like Madonna, or did he get permission from someone who couldn't give it????

I can understand his thinking of probably not many people going to hear the album, so maybe he can slide a sample past Madonna, but then's Madonna.

Well, we all know how Tory Lanez loves to shoot back at anyone, except Kelsey, who calls out his bullshit, so we will see if he responds.


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