Megan Thee MF Stallion leaves her haters wounded as she shows photos of herself in the hospital and a

close-up of her foot injury after being shot. I know the internet doctors, who only think you can get shot in one area of the foot, are probably already jumping to a new lily pad of theories. However, I hope they are doing so with fewer followers who realize that with some in the media it's not about the truth, it's about vendetta and clicks.

People demanded Megan Thee Stallion speak, she did. They demanded to see her, she showed her face. They demanded to see her injury, she did that too. There has to be a point where apologies start and demands stop. It should not take all of this for Black women to be believed. The same people who defend R. Kelly and want him to have a fair trial are the same people in my Twitter comments acting like judges, lawyers, and the jury. Just because your fave show is Law & Order, that doesn't make you a trained professional. Most of you going against Megan thought Agust Alsina was a victim. At some point being wrong has got to be embarrassing.

I will say what I said when I was dealing with another situation. It's not about being a fan of an artist, it's about understanding that what you allow to happen to one Black Girl, can happen to other Black girls. So, move the way you would want people to move if your fave was involved. It's sad that you can't just care about Black women, but I know for some of y'all it all about Stan wars.

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