Megan Thee Stallion went on Instagram Live to tell her own story about being shot two weeks ago in

Hollywood. While fighting back the tears, Megan revealed she was shot in both of her feet. She described going through surgery to remove the bullets as "super scary" and the "worst experience" of her life. As we know, Megan is still grieving the loss of her mother and granny, and now she almost lost her own life.

Megan took the time to debunked a lie started by a group of Youtubers and Instagram blogs who have launched a "Save Tory Lanez" campaign. The narrative being pushed is that Megan was beating Tory Lanez up, so he shot her in self-defense. I am not sure how you shoot someone in self-defense as they are trying to leave, but I guess certain followers don't care about the details. Megan's response to that bullsh*t was, "I did not put my hands on nobody. I did not deserve to get shot. I did not do sh*t." We as a culture should be embarrassed that a female rapper has to explain why she did not deserve to be shot.

I'm sure Megan speaking out for the 4th time will go over some bloggers' heads, and they are creating another source as I type. What I love the most about how Megan is handling this is she is not let'n her foot off the bloggers' backs. In her posts and in this video, she made it clear that SHE WAS ATTACKED, SHE IS THE VICTIM, THIS IS NOT FUNNY.


This is one of the most honest tweets you will see this week, hell this year. This is not about the "messy" blog sector that is popular on social media. No one expects them to protect the culture or have any moral compass when it comes to matters that affect us as a people or culture.

This is about those writers who went to school so they can call themselves "journalists." This is about

those writers who dreamt about documenting Hip Hop culture and seeing their articles in rap magazines/platforms. This is about how those same writers consistently protecting male artists with their words; however, getting writer's block when it comes to female rappers.

I guess in some ways, I should thank these writers. It's because of their failings that I write. I could not find the stories on female rappers that I wanted to read, so I wrote them. As Jada Gomez' s tweet goes viral, I hope that Hip Hop writers feel inspired to write the stories that need to be written. To not leave the female rap stories in the hands of gossip personalities and chatty patties. I hope writers are tired fo failing Megan Thee Stallion. I hope writers are tired of failing all-female rappers.

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