Megan Thee Stallion "Upped The Ante" Again In New Rolling Stone Interview

Megan Thee Stallion Speaks On Kelsey Nicole, Dating Pardi, and Death Of Mother In Rolling Stone Magazine.


Megan Thee Stallion "Upped The Ante" again, with the release of her powerful interview with writer Mankaprr Conteh for Rolling Stone Magazine. While many will hyper-focus on what Megan exposed about her ex-bestie in a Tessie Kelsey Nicole Harris and trauma bonder Tory Lanez, this article proves to be more than just another attempt to gain clicks off Megan's trauma. Instead, it's an intriguing read that allows readers to learn more about Megan Pete, the person, and confirms why we need more Black women writing about Black women.



A somber moment during this interview was when they spoke about the death of Megan Thee Stallion's mother, Holly Thomas. It's revealed that Megan was scheduled to perform in L.A. but opted to stay with her mama in a Houston hospital, even though Holly encouraged her to go. When Megan left to go take a shower and change clothes. before returning to be with her mama, that is when Holly passed away.


"I would tell her sorry that I really been wildin', and ask her to forgive me cuz I really been trying" - Megan Thee Stallion on "Anxiety"


That had me thinking about how Holly held on until Megan went to change clothes. It's like she did not want Megan to have experience being there as she passed away. She was protecting Megan the whole time. That shit was sad to read.

The writer also divulged that on Megan's upcoming album, she has a song about her mother called "Anxiety." Even though the writer describes this as not one of Megan's best-sounding songs cause to her, the beat is too simple; she also said it's one of Megan's most open.

I wrote about wanting a song where she spoke about losing her mother, so I am happy Megan is going there. To have something so publicly talked about but never really addressed in the music would have been a missed opportunity for Meg, IMO.


Megan Thee Stallion In Rolling Stone Talks Depression and Dating Pardison Fontaine.


Megan getting candid about her relationship with Pardi is one of the most compelling parts of the article. She said, "I appreciate him for loving on me even when I don't feel like I love me." Ugggh...this tugged at me.

Sometimes, a woman can find the right man at the wrong fck'n time. But I am happy she found Pardi cause he seems to be showing up for her in the way she needs.


"So I feel like it’s hard to be in a relationship when you are not loving on yourself right.”


Speaking of music, which she did touch on and made sure people knew he did not write for her, I would love for them to do a song together that touches on the struggles of dating a woman who has a more prominent career and is dealing with a scandal. I don't want that typical song about couples fcking. I want it in line with how Jay-Z spoke about dating Beyonce on "Lost One" and rapped:

I don't think it's meant to be, B

But she loves her work more than she does me

And honestly, at 23

I would probably love my work more than I did she

So we ain't we, it's me and her

'Cause what she prefers over me is work

And that's where we differ

So I have to give her free time even if it hurts

This is one of my fave verses from Jay Z cause it's so honest, and if Megan can do a song this honest, like she was in this interview, with or without Pardi on it, I think her sophomore album is going to be a problem in a good way.



Now to the part that had people in a frenzy.

Megan revealed that Kelsey Nicole met with Tory Lanez less than two days after the shooting, where he not only thanked her for not saying anything but offered to invest in her podcast...oops wrong woman, I mean business.

Now, y'all see why I asked if Kelsey should be considered an accomplice in 2020. This information, coupled with Wack 100 talking about Kelsey getting paid if she refuses to speak when called to the stand, paints a masterpiece of bribery for the people and hopefully the DA.

Kelsey being Kelsey took time off from breastfeeding to address the Rolling Stone article because we know that when you speak about her taking a bribe, the girl gets triggered.

(In 2021, Tory started a foundation to support Black women's businesses, but I can't find a website for it. Is he only supporting one woman...hmmm)



I want to address those who say Megan Thee Stallion should not speak about the shooting...STFU!

Two years of Black media trying to tilt the hands of justice in Tory Lanez's favor, and the minute Megan tries to tilt that muthafcka back; there is a problem.

If you pay attention to the last two interviews Megan has done, she has strategically focused on Kelsey. I think this is an excellent move, considering many suspect Kelsey will either lie on the stand or try to help the defense in some other way.

So, I see why y'all want Megan to Shut up and Rap while these men run-a-muck being mouthpieces for Tory Lanez. Megan playing chess, while y'all yell into microphones all day.


*Also, this article makes me think Megan will be suing.


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