Patientce Foster On Leaving Cardi B, "All My Sacrifices Resulted In No Real Equity or Ownership"

Ebony Magazine did a feature on Cardi B's former publicist, creative director, and "Queen" maker, Patientce Foster. It has been long speculated that the two parted ways...again, and in this interview, Patientce confirms that her boots were made for walking, and that is what her ass did soon after reuniting with Ole

When asked why she dropped Cardi B as a client, Patientce said, "It became increasingly

patientce foster fires cardi b

overwhelming and more difficult to accept that all of my invested time and energy, personal and professional sacrifices, resulted in no real equity or ownership."

Patientce did clarify that she is still grateful for the opportunity that working with Cardi B has provided her. Still, at 31 years old, the most important thing to her is diversifying her assets. As she became more aware of IP and equity, she started to evaluate her choices differently.

It sounds like Cardi was Joe Budden and Patientce was Rory and Mal. Cardi was not making sure the people who helped her ate just as well as she did. Stingy attitude, which that XXL interview exposed.

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