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QC Artist Gloss Up Will Her Drop Debut Project, "Before The Gloss Up" On Jan. 20th

Gloss Up Debut Project "Before The Gloss Up" Drops 1/20.


QC's newest artist, Gloss Up, announced her debut project, "Before The Gloss Up," will drop on January 20th. The 26-year-old rapper, part of the Memphis female rap explosion that includes her bestie GloRilla, K Carbon, Slimeroni, and Aleza, signed with Quality Control in July 2022.

Since then, she has shined on tracks like "Aone," "Halloween Flow," and a TikTok fave, "Shabooya." Gloss Up has become one of my faves due to her no-nonsense rap, catchy rhymes, and million-dollar smile. It's something about the female rappers from the south where they will curse you out but still have that southern hospitality.

Let's hope that QC does right by her cause we still waiting on a City Girl album...


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