Quavo Calls Saweetie a "Slime" and "Sneaky" In Leaked Track

Quavo disses Saweetie and takes back Bentley

Hmmm...in a "leaked' verse from a new Migos song, it appears Quavo has learned nothing from "Barbie Dreams." In autotune, Quavo is heard rapping, "She slimy, and she sneaky yeah...taking back that Bentley." This, for whatever reason, has all the "city boys" rejoicing in victory. It was just days ago, they were crying for Saweetie to be charged with robbery for taking back the video game she probably bought him.

All I heard Quavo say was that he will stop making payments on the lease😏. I will say the Migos seemed fully prepared to use this breakup as part of their comeback rollout. We know from Offset and Ole Girl, they have practice in this area.

I know when Saweetie finally drops her own music, I better not hear anyone whining about her talking about Quavo. I am confident that Saweetie can come up with something better than autotune mess Quavo spit.

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