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Saweetie Says Quavo Taught Her How To Love


Angela Yee partnered with Facebook to moderate a roundtable discussion titled "Black Is Love" with panelist TS Madison, Devyn Simon, Codie Elaine-Oliver, and Saweetie.

One of the questions Angela asked Saweetie was if she believes opposites attract. Saweetie's response was surprisingly revealing. Saweetie said she does believe opposites attract because, in her relationship with Quavo, he is the loving one. She told the panel, "When it comes to opposites attract he's such an affectionate person, and I'm not. But, it's because of my upbringing. I never saw my parents together. My parents taught me tough love." She then said something that almost had me drop a tear, "He taught me how to love."

Awwww...she gonna make me like Quavo.

I think it was brave of Saweetie to be publicly vulnerable and open about learning how to love. So many people want to paint themselves as the one who has it all figured out in their relationship, but we all got shit to learn when it comes to sharing our lives with someone else.



I know most of y'all are into astrology, but I prefer to use numerology when it comes to figuring out how people tick. It has yet to fail me in real life. So, I decided to see if Quavo and Saweetie are compatible.

Quavo is an 8 (Powerhouse) and Saweetie is a 4 (The Worker). They are very compatible.


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