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Saweetie Signs With Full Stop Management Joining A Roster That Includes Lizzo, Mark Ronson, And More

Saweetie Joins Same Management As Lizzo at Full Stop Management. No Longer Being Managed By Uncle Louis Burrell.


Variety reports that Saweetie has signed with Full Stop Management which is also the home of Lizzo, Mark Ronson, and more. That management company may sound familiar because it was recently in the news after Nicki Minaj parted ways with founder Irving Azoff for Doja Cat's team at SALXCO.

Saweetie, who was previously represented by her uncle Louis Burrell, will now be in the hands of Brandon Creed. Brandon probably has one of the easiest jobs ever. Saweetie is the content queen and has proven to be the branding queen too. She did all the work, and her management probably doesn't have to go out looking for deals because they are coming looking for her.

We still have to ask, though...WHERE'S THE MUSIC?


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Sep 30, 2021

are you on a hiatus?

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