Sukihana Calls Out Blogs For Making Black People Look Bad

Sukihana has never been one to bite her tongue or throw up 🤮, so it did not surprise me to see her speaking her mind on Instagram Live. However, I was shocked to hear her calling out blogs for making Black people look bad. Sukihana said, "The blogs are making Black people look bad because they only post messy shit."

Um...did she lie?

Sukihana is so over the mess that she said, "When I find out who a lot of you hoes is, bitch Imma beat yo ass." I hope Suki knows that a lot of the blogs, especially the ones that focus on female rappers, are run by messy bottom boys with mommy issues. You probably couldn't pay them to leave Black women alone.

I pray Suki doesn't get blackballed over this. Two things bloggers can do is hold a grudge and create narratives.

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