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Sukihana Says She Will Not Work With Tory Lanez During Hollywood Unlocked Interview


Hollywood Unlocked interviewed rapper/reality tv star Sukihana about her rap career, thoughts on Love & Hip Hop, Onlyfans, etc. During the interview, Jason Lee randomly asked her if she would put Tory Lanez on a song. Sukihana, without hesitation, replied:

"No...uh-uh, I would never! You know why...cause I don't support domestic abuse or domestic violence. Like literally, guys used to put their hands on me. I had to go to a domestic shelter to get away from them."

Jason Lee followed-up by asking if those experiences make her celebrate her victories more now. Sukihana explained that her song, "You Forgot To Love Me," off her mixtape "Wolf Pussy" speaks on how she was abused by men who tried to dim her light, but now she is the one they gotta watch on TV.

I really enjoy Sukihana interviews. She has such a humble spirit about herself, and she is funny. I always learn something new and interesting about her after an interview. There is definitely more to Sukihana than what meets the eye.


Make sure to check out her new project "Wolf Pussy." I really like the mixtape. I think it's one of the better mixtapes that I have heard in a while. You can just press play and enjoy your day.


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