The Daily Beast Says Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Are Trying To Silence His Sexual Assault Victim

Oh, how I wished I was wrong about where I saw this story going when it began, but I had to be honest with my readers. Some of y'all cursed me out when I gave my opinion on how I thought Nicki Minaj should have and should now handle the "Kenneth Petty Problem." Yes, he is a problem. But, y'all was cursing me out from the wrong side of this story. You can not believe the allegations but acknowledge that Nicki's actions or lack of actions contribute to how this story is currently being playing out.


Today, The Daily Beast reported on the allegations made by Kenneth Petty's sexual assault victim, Jennifer, titled "Nicki Minaj and Husband Kenneth Petty's Campaign to Silence HIs Sexual Assault Victim." The Daily Beast is a bigger and more trusted news platform than your fave Instagram/Youtube blogs for those who do not know. But, I thought an ostrich who told me this story was not growing, "Said Sum."

"Gossip blogger NoseyHeauxLive, who has advocated for Jennifer on her channel for months using the hashtag #SurvivingThePettys and interviewed her, believes that the inaccuracies in Minaj’s comments about Petty’s victim were intentional. “I know from being a Black person when you tell somebody that the woman is white and older than the Black boy, that’s making him look like the victim,” she told The Daily Beast. “That’s what Nicki Minaj was trying to do. She was trying to paint this [as an] Emmett Till story.”

The Daily Beast framing it as a "campaign" is bad enough, but they did their homework. They detailed blow-by-blow how ugly things played out on various Youtube channels and the players involved in attempting to get Jennifer to recant her story. Daytime Tea Time, Nosey Heaux Live, Hot Shot Radio, and Hot Shot's former moderator Black Tea Blog were all mentioned in the article.

The Daily Beast painted a damning picture about the harassment of a rape victim. How anyone can believe there is no investigation going on into this, I don't know what to tell you.

They did confirm that Jennifer is represented by an attorney with Kaedian LLP.


Nicki Minaj needs her fans to speak up because obviously, her STANs are too self-absorbed and chicken shit to care. NM5 cannot possibly be successful with this going on, and Nicki would be foolish to even attempt to release it without getting this issue resolved first. I only bring up NM5 not because I care at this point, but it seems to be what her supporters are using as one of their distraction from these serious allegations.

Nicki needs her FANs who care enough about her to be honest about this situation. Not people who make

Nicki Minaj feel comfortable living in denial because they are vicariously living through her, and only want to accept the glamorous parts of her life. A person that genuinely cares about you does not piss in your gumbo and tell you it's all gravy. Someone has to stand up to Nicki Minaj and tell her she has to deal with this. It does not have to be public; there has to be a way y'all get messages to Nicki Minaj privately.

Ya'll can hate Nosey Heaux Live all you want, but she did what y'all claims she couldn't do. This story grew because she made Jennifer feel comfortable telling her story over and over again. Rather you believe Jennifer or not, she is winning the narrative game. The last narrative game Nicki Minaj has won was against Lil Kim.

I had a Barbz come to me privately and tell me that Nicki Minaj is messy, and that is why the Barbz like her. Ever since that conversation, I often wondered if Nicki Minaj avoids handling drama that pops up in her life because it's a way to keep her STANs engaged. They love the messy. They do not want things cleared up right away because it robs them of the opportunity to sit around with others and makeup reasons to be mad. Oh, Nicki, the "Generous Queen."

Like I advocated before... IT'S TIME WE HEAR FROM NICKI MINAJ & KENNY.

All you mofos who love to pop up to take your frustrations out on me, save it.

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