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Throwback Thursday: The Myth Of Female Unity During The Golden Era Of Hip Hop


If you followed me on my old IG page, you have seen this Drink Champs conversation where Monie Love debunked the myth of all this female unity during her era. Above is just an extended clip of the discussion.

I wanted to bring this back because I recently saw a discussion about female unity in rap, and these people were rewriting history. In the words of Monie Love, "We didn't all get along. Like, who created that myth?"

Fans need to stop using Ladies Night and Ladies First as proof that there was so much unity between female rappers back in the day.

According to Monie, the difference between female rappers now and in her day is women would do shows together because they wanted the money. Even if they were catty with each other, they still did the shows.

That was part of my argument debunking the lies about Megan Thee Stallion being fake for doing WAP with Cardi B. It's about being grown women and putting your career before the bullshit. Lil Kim never learned that, and we see where she is at.

Also, the girls in the past benefitted from the lack of social media and blogs. No one was there to report in real-time who unfollowed who or who said what.


FUN FACT: Monie Love posted me, dragged me, and then blocked my Black ass on Instagram after I did a breakdown of her tweet about Cardi B. It was legendary, LOL!

IG was a mess 😜


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Jan 15, 2021

The good ol IG days 🤣🤣🤣

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