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Twitter Bot Mistakes Megan Thee Stallion For Meghan Markle...LOL!

A Twitter Bot Thought Megan Thee Stallion Tweet Was About Meghan Markle.

Somebody come get your Twitter bot!

Yesterday, someone tweeted, "When I said women in the industry should speak up for Meg they dragged me. Look at Kelly and Ciara using up their social capital for Chris Brown. SMH" in reference to Kelly Rowland and Ciara's need to cape for Chris Brown.

Well, most people realized which "Meg" this person was referring to, except this alleged bot that went on a tangent about Meghan Markle...

"Well Meg just realize she's black. All her life she chance being white. So why would CiCi and Kelly speak on someone they don't know? Is it because they're black and should mule for Meg because she's light and close to white?"

This elicited responses like:

  • Bot didn’t get the pop culture expansion pack

  • Return to factory


  • The bot is broken!!!

This gave me a good laugh.


Speak, Heart, Share...Thanks!

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