Twitter Thinks Saweetie Is The Nice Biracial Girl and Mulatto Is The Mean One. Are They Right?

So, on Twitter, someone asked, "So besides Mulatto's name being a slur, what's the difference between her likability and Saweetie." Leave it to Twitter to start a bi-racial rap battle between Saweetie and Mulatto with the raps.

I like both rappers, so I was shocked to see how negative people view Mulatto. I did not expect so much hate towards her. The biggest strikes against Mulatto seem to that damn name, and lots of people think she has a "mean girl" persona. She definitely is not the first female rapper to be labeled a mean girl, but I guess fans are over that personality type. It also does not help that Mulatto was dead wrong when it came to Wig-gate.

Read some of the remarks below:

Yes, we can all agree that Saweetie is the Socia Media Queen when it comes to female rap, but is Mulatto really that bad?


Let me address the drama surrounding Mulatto's name. Lately, there has been this push to separate

bi-racial Blacks from non-biracial Blacks. This type of thinking is becoming more and more popular on social media, and artists like Mulatto are often targeted by those who want to use them to make valid and invalid points. People who follow this thinking believe bi-racial Blacks cannot speak on Black issues, or they must take a back seat in some way.

So, when Mulatto as a bi-racial woman, takes a term used negatively against her people, why are we as non-biracial Blacks sticking our noses into their business (this is for those who separate Blacks/Bi-racial Blacks)? Didn't Blacks take NIGGER and change it into a positive. Now everyone is a NIGGA, even those who are clearly not. Women have turned BITCH into something positive too.

Both NIGGA AND BITCH can be used in a way to get your ass beat or in an endearing way.

Why can't Mulatto as a bi-racial woman, do the same for the term Mulatto? Are we being hypocrites?

Now, with all that said, Mulatto is too talented and has too much momentum to be bogged down over a name. She may want to change to "Big Latto" and leave the Mulatto battle for the next bi-racial female rapper.

What ya'll think about Saweetie being labeled the "nice bi-racial girl" and Mulatto the "mean bi-racial girl" and what about the drama surrounding Mulatto's name?

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