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Watch Another Angle From The Morning Migos Rapper Takeoff Was Murdered In Houston

Daily Mail got another angle of the shooting that ended Takeoff's life. In the video, you can clearly see a man gripping a gun. When the first shot is heard, you cannot tell who fired first, but after that, you see

this man firing his weapon, stumbling back into the person recording, and even losing his hat while trying

to run away.

I know people are saying this is someone related to Quavo and Takeoff (I choose not to say his name at this time), and many are already pinning Takeoff's murder on him; however, I am not in that camp. He is just a person of interest at this point, IMO. I don't feel comfortable blaming him for taking the fatal shot that killed Takeoff when obviously, there were several shots from other guns going off. I would love to see the ballistic report on the bullets.

Video in Slow-Mo


Updated: 11/2 at 4:40 PM PST

The internet is speculating that a guy in a yellow shirt fired the first shot and who the guy above was shooting at, but Takeoff got caught in the middle.


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