Wendy Williams Calls Nicki Minaj A Legend Before Throwing Shade In True Wendy Fashion

Wendy Williams can't stop at a compliment. Today, on her show, she spoke about Nicki Minaj dropping new music. After acknowledging that Nicki Minaj is an "icon" and "legend," the topic of her song "Fractions" came up.

Now, I had heard one known Nicki hating YouTuber talking about this, so how it ended up on Wendy Williams, is strange Her correspondent claims that Nicki Minaj was coming at Jennifer, Kenny's victim, in the song when she said, "Ayo, I'm the one who run the city where they armed and vicious / Accusations on them blogs and they all fictitious." The correspondent guy admitted it was such a broad line, making me wonder; why bring it up? Any artist denying rumors does not equal an attack, IMO.

My question was quickly answered when I heard Wendy's response. "I don't know if I even care about new music from Nicki Minaj. I don't mind the same old music twisted and, you know, done up, and her touring with that music eventually."

Wendy did all that just to throw shade at Nicki's music. Why even bother with the compliments??? This y'all media Queen?????

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