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YouTube Brandcast: Doja Cat Performs, Unskippable Ads Are Coming

Doja Cat took the stage at YouTube's highly anticipated Brandcast event at Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall, delivering a "money-grab" performance of her Pop hits. Prior to the show, she shared a sneak peek of her preparation on Instagram, rocking a striking platinum blonde hairdo reminiscent of Annie Lennox. Doja Cat exuded confidence and style but once again ruined it by concealing her hair under another unnecessary costume with devil horns during her set.



The Buzz Around YouTube's Brandcast:

For those who care, YouTube's Brandcast event is a major highlight in the digital landscape. This year's big innovation is the introduction of 30-second unskippable ads in top-performing YouTube content. So basically, no more skipping for us.


Anyways, below is a short clip of Doja Cat performing "Need To Know" off 'Planet Her.'


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