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Black Media's "Do Not Cover" Lists: Imani B Exposes Black Media's Dirty Little Secret

Imani B Exposes Do Not Cover List In Black Media.

Amidst the ongoing debate about Black media vs. white media, journalist Imani B has stepped forward, exposing the often uncomfortable truths about Black media and its sometimes-selective storytelling. In a must-see TikTok video, Imani B reveals that Black media companies maintain lists of celebrities deemed off-limits for controversial coverage, effectively shielding certain celebs from negative press, even when the allegations involved are serious and potentially harmful. Watch below:


Imani B's revelation is not shocking. What's missing is how certain celebrities are protected from negative stories while others become journalists' favorite targets for their hit pieces. It's so obvious when the media has it out for a celeb, allowing only negative stories to dominate the narrative. I need to know about that list, too.


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