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Cowgirl Controversy: Nicki Minaj Rehashes Doja Cat Feature Drama for Album Hype or Bully Tactic?

Funny Marco played Santa this Christmas day, delivering his interview with Nicki Minaj that reignited the Doja Cat "Pink Friday 2" controversy. What's under the Christmas tree? Doja's retracted verse on "Cowgirl." However, amidst the holiday cheer, Twitter (X) is accusing Nicki of turning this controversy into yet another promotional spectacle for her album.

In his signature style, Funny Marco delved into the music, asking Nicki about the features that got away: "Has it ever happened where you wanted a feature and it didn't happen?"

Anticipating the question, Nicki recited a cinematic tale with her trademark flippant tone, complete with eye-rolls and air quotes. According to Nicki, an unnamed artist contributed a verse, only to backtrack, citing they were in a "different era." Later, Nicki discovered through the artist's team that this unnamed person believed Nicki didn't like her, resulting in the abandoned verse.

Nicki Minaj Uses Doja Cat To Promote Pink Friday 2 During Funny Marco Interview By Discussion Lost Verse on Cowgirl Song.

Nicki's dramatic pause and shocked expression when addressing the artist's perception of their relationship added a touch of humor. It's almost as if Nicki expected others to share in her surprise, but, as usual, she found herself at a table for one.

Doja Cat's audacity to yank a verse from what Nicki hails as her "best album" is clearly a thorn in Onika's side, evident in her repeated storytelling. It has become a centerpiece of her album promotion. My burning question: Why is Nicki so eager for the world to know this, beyond attempting to sway her Barbz against Doja Cat? This is deja vu, marking the second time a feature verse with a new artist takes the spotlight in Nicki's album press run, reminiscent of the "Cardi B made me change my verse" saga.

What do y'all think - Is Nicki Minaj just innocently telling a story over and over again while promoting Pink Friday 2, or is she trying to bully Doja Cat into clearing her verse?



I am reminded that back when all this was allegedly happening, that annoying STAN-base claimed Doja Cat turned down a feature with Megan Thee Stallion in solidarity with Nicki Minaj. It was amusing gossip back then, but the humor reaches a new level in light of recent events.


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