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Cameron Joshua Known As "Yellow Hoodie" In The Online Investigation Of Takeoff's Murder Was Arrested

Update: 11/30 at 12:22 PM PST

Cameron Joshua Says He Did Not Kill  Rapper Takeoff.

Cameron "Lil Cam" Joshua, referred to as "Yellow Hoodie," had his bond hearing in Harris County, TX, on 2 counts of possession of a firearm.

Prosecutors allegedly told the judge that surveillance video shows Cameron at the party where Takeoff was killed holding a weapon, and A WITNESS CONFIRMS that too. The investigation continues.

Cameron's attorney says, "He did not shoot the rapper Takeoff, and he hopes to get out on bond and clear his name."

The bond hearing was reset for Cameron's case in California to be handled.


*Booking Photo Not From Recent Arrest


On Nov. 22, Cameron Joshua, AKA Lil Cam, was arrested for felony possession of a firearm + being a felon with a weapon in Harris County. Lil Cam, nicknamed "yellow hoodie" by social media sleuths who believe he is the person who shot Migos rappers Takeoff.

Hopefully, Texas law enforcement will compare the gun/bullets they located with the casings found at the scene and any bullets possibly found in Takeoff's body. Just in case, he was dumb enough to keep a weapon used in that deadly shootout.

Considering how Lil Cam's name was blown up on social media, I wonder if he is safe in jail. Well, his hearing will be on Monday, Nov. 28h.


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