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Cardi B Snaps At L.A. Paparazzi For Asking About Allegations She Stole Her New Song "UP"


The Hollywood Fix moved from in front of SOB's to find Cardi B at the airport. Yasss, she is leaving Cali.

Well, instead of asking about how well her song is doing, she was asked about the allegations that she stole Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane's song, "Stuck." Cardi was not happy with the questioning and went right back into Australia Cardi mode, LOL. She even stopped at one point to yell at the paparazzi, even though her ass could have just got on the escalator.

She has the privileged of not being labeled the "angry Black woman" when she snaps at people. When she does it, the media labels it as cool or some women empowerment BS. The luxury.


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