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Cardi B Will Be A Guest On The Jason Lee Show, But Why?

Jason Lee Will Interview Cardi B On New Jason Lee Show On Diddy's Revolt Tv.


Jason Lee finally got that Cardi B interview he has coveted for a long, long time. Let him tell it; Cardi B owes him for linking her up with the Kardashians and getting her on the phone with Megan Thee Stallion. Without him, there would be no his head.

Today photos of the two on the set of The Jason Lee Show, now on Revolt TV, started floating around on

Is Jason Lee Blackmailing Cardi B To Get Her To Do An Interview On His New Revolt TV.

Twitter. So my question is, did Cardi B finally agree to this interview due to desperation or blackmail?

Jason Lee is the laughingstock of biracial media. He killed the Queen before she died and was labeled a false information page on Instagram. His attempts to take over Youtube and Clubhouse both failed. Oh, and how can we forget about his very short reign as Ye's "head of media," where the only thing he accomplished was putting together a brunch?

So why Jason Lee? Is this a sign that Cardi B is not confident in her upcoming album release and just wants to make sure this messy bottom doesn't use his platform to drag her? This could also be a favor for Diddy because female rappers do not need Jason Lee when it comes to their rollouts.

But the answer could simply be that the two are friends, and she felt like helping out a friend. A friend who in 2021 went on a BIGO rant blaming Black women and Megan Thee Stallion for Cardi B's Normani collab tanking. Everyone needs that friend in the media who, without any shame, will blame Black women for their failings. Cardi B never came out against his rhetoric and, in fact, went on her Playboy thing and, from what I heard, co-signed the sentiments.

So, when I really think about it. There is no mystery surrounding this interview; it is just two peas in a pod linking up.


Will You Be Watching?


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