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Was Kanye Forced To Make Jason Lee Head Of His Media By Wack 100?

Wack 100 Allegedly Extorted Kanye West aka Ye and Even Made Kanye Give Jason Lee The Position Of Head Of Media and Partnership. Wack 100 Was Extorting Kanye Over the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.


Those are the 4 words to describe how Jason Lee allegedly weaseled his way into the position as head of media and partnership for the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

Kita Trotter, best known for her viral Clubhouse room calling out Karen Civil, recently did an interview with YouTuber GoldGate House where she spoke on her falling out with Wack 100.


"Kanye don't know that he got extorted and for a video that was already out."


In the interview, Kita not only exposed that Wack 100 was extorting Ye over those Kim Kardashian sex tapes, but that is how Jason Lee got his interview and job with Ye.

Anyone familiar with the bullshit that goes on with Clubhouse knows that Wack 100 and Jason Lee are bosom buddies who often team up to bully anyone who creates a room about Kanye that they do not like.

Kita revealed that their "friendship" did not start on Clubhouse but goes back to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, where both were cast members. That is something I did not know since I did not keep up with the show. Kita said, "You got to remember that Wack and Jason Lee were on Love & Hip Hop LA (Hollywood) together, so they already knew each other."

When the interviewer asked, "Did Jason Lee get that interview because of Wack 100 push'n a button?" Kita responded with one word, "Correct."


Kita elaborated on Wack 100 squeezing Ye, "Kanye don't know that he got extorted and for a video that was already out." She alleged that Wack 100 had already released the sex tape to one of his Clubhouse rooms before Kanye messaged him. However, when Ye contacted him and was willing to pay the extortion fee, Wack had the video removed. Ye was able to get the sex tape, but one of the conditions was to make Jason Lee head of his media and partnership, which I believe is a made-up position with no real power or purpose. It's just so Jason has something to throw in the faces of his enemies.

Kita also exposed that Wack has a role on Ye's team handling travel and shit.

Somebody help Kanye!

There is more to this story. Allegedly, Wack 100 stole the sex tape he used to extort Kanye. So, while Ray J is out here distracting the public with old news about Kim K and Kris Jenner being in on the original sex

tape leak, his boy Wack 100 is allegedly stealing from him to make a come-up for himself.

Think about this. Kim K benefitted way more from the first sex tape than Ray J, and now Wack 100 is getting more from this new sex tape than Ray J. I mean, I'm just saying.

Anyways, back to Jason Lee. I believe what Kita is saying because it never made sense that a billionaire like Kanye West would hire Jason Lee to be head of anything. Even within just Black media, Hollywood Unlocked is not the first platform you think of, so there had to be something more as to why Ye would choose Jason Lee for a position that is clearly over his head.

This is embarrassing. Jason Lee's position with Kanye seems just as fake as that Queen Elizabeth story.


Watch how this "new media" moves. Besides the lies and attempts to bully Black celebrities, now add extorting.


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