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Chart Talk: Did Nicki Minaj Freefall Again?


Billboard finally released their little top 10 card and Nicki Minaj, despite predictions, is not #2. She fell to 6 spots to lucky #7. That is not a freefall for anyone quick to yell that out. She is still in the top 10 and did not take a 20-spot nose dive. This does not surprise me because with all that effort she put into this song, I figured something would be in place to prevent another freefall.

Now, we wait for the music video...which probably should have been out already.

Also, still in the top 10 are Lizzo and Beyonce. I must admit that "Break My Soul" is doing way better than I thought it would, but I am hoping Beyonce moves on to another single to push. She has better songs.


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Adanna Igweobi
Adanna Igweobi
Sep 02, 2022

congrats Queen Nicki....


Aug 30, 2022

Good for Nicki!

Agreed on Beyoncé, Cuff It & Heated are waiting patiently even Church Girl

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