DaBaby Plays "Apology" Video And Then Calls Those Offended "Cry Babies" At Hot 97 Summer Jam


While people spent the weekend trying to humble Sha'Carri Richardson, it was DaBaby who ended up eating humble pie. On Sunday, DaBaby performed at Hot 97's Summer Jam but not before playing a pre-recorded message of him apologizing-ish and kissing...Oops, I mean sucking Hot 97's dick (not sure if a parking lot was involved). This is the first step in stopping that slow drip of cancellation.

In the video message, which had his song "Rockstar" playing in the background, DaBaby says:

DaBaby at hot 97 Summer Jam

"Reason #1 they allowed me to share my gift, share my blessing with y’all out here live on this stage amongst all the chaos and all the backlash. So hats off to y'all for that. Reason #2 they accepted my sincerity and all my apologies when I said I never, ever meant to offend anybody or say anything to make anybody feel any type of way live on that stage a few weeks ago. And Hot 97 was also willing to stick they neck out on the line, willing to go against all odds with everything going on out here in the world, and still allowed me to come right out here on this stage and utilize they platform to help the world move forward and become a better place, and to not dismiss people based off mistakes like being human.”

Remember, it was revealed that music festivals did not drop DaBaby over his Rolling Loud remarks; it was because he reneged on making an apology video to be played before he hit the stage. Instead, he made a music video that many viewed as mocking Lil Nas X's "Industry Baby." He also did not respond to those who reached out to educate him after complaining about needing education.

According to entertainment writer Jeremy Schneider, "The crowd didn't go crazy for him like I thought they might, but they didn't boo him either. Weird vibe."

Proving that it's him who can't move on, not others, before going into his song "Cry Baby" with Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby said, "But check this out. Other than the people that was truly offended, I feel like the rest of y'all muthafckaz being crybabies." I can't make this shit up.

DaBaby is lucky that Hip Hop is still a safe place for homophobes and misogynists because he will have problems with that Pop crossover he was attempting.


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