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Dani Leigh Told Blue Telusma: "I Like Black Men And I Wish Black Women Weren't So Jealous About It"


Hollywood Unlocked spoke on the Dani Leigh and DaBaby drama, and Blue Telusma told a story about when she sat on an Afro-Latina panel with Dani Leigh. She claims that Dani Leigh told her directly to her face that she does not consider herself Black but likes Black music and Black men, and she wishes Black women weren't so jealous about it.

Well, Dani is not Black, so I agree with that part. It's funny how after that public spat, there were so many people talking about "white Dominicans." But, when I was talking about another Dominican not being Black, people acted like ALL Dominicans were Black, LOL.

The whole jealousy part is exactly why a lot of Black women don't give a shit about her tears.


UPDATE: 11/20 AT 3:51 PM PST

Blue dared Dani Leigh to deny this story and she did. What's now???

Oh, I want to add that even if Dani Leigh considered herself Black, she still wouldn't be. I hate that people make it sound like if these Latinas considering themselves Black is all it takes to be Black.

I'm so sick of the "African ancestry" shit. Lots of African-Americans have European ancestry, with that and a quarter; we have a quarter. Stop the nonsense.


Also, let make it clear, that Dani Leigh saying some clown shit and her family possibly being racist does not make what DaBaby did right. I feel like some people are trying to find ways to make DaBaby right in the situation. He chose his "yellow bone" and probably the one who taught her that word because that is a term we use. He allowed her to call him "nigga." He chose who he wanted to have a baby with, now live with it.


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