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Diane Warren Is Obsessed With BRS Kash's "Throat Baby"


How did I miss songwriter Diane Warren, who has written hit songs for stars like Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Leanne Rhimes, and Aerosmith; tweet about BRS Kash's "Throat Baby?" 😳

Last week, Diane tweeted, "I just heard a song called Throat Baby. One of the lines is, I wanna stroke your throat til I make you choke. Good to know romance is alive and well!!" 🥴

Diane Warren tweets about BRS Kash Throat Baby

The next day she then posted a video of herself listening to "Throat Baby" saying, "I'm kind of obsessed with this now. Like why didn't I come up with this song??"😂

Diane Warren with the "Throat Baby" remix?🥴


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