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I saw this tweet, which may explain the picking sides stuff in Drake’s posts. He always likes talking like he’s a gangsta🤣.


Drake posted this melancholy bullsh*t on his IG Story about only wanting to "uplift and show love to rappers that are buzzing." It was unclear as to why he

Drake's Instagram Post about War rap song
Drake's IG Story Post

posted and why now. Well, using my investigative skills AKA reading the comment section on Instagram, I saw that Drake was being accused of stealing his "War" flow from a British rapper named Headie One.

I personally feel the whole "stealing a flow" conversation is tricky. No one owns a flow, but you can tell when someone is nibbling off another rapper. Well, it just so happened that a DJ posted a song Headie One did, however I think it hasn't been released yet.

To me, the songs sound the same. It is late, I could be trippin, but someone has some "splaining" to do. Listen below:

It sounds like more than Drake "borrowing" a flow, it sounds like the same song. This "uplifting" plan Drake speaks of, seems to only uplift him. Did Drake make that IG post in an attempt to cover up the social media talk? Remind people he is the "good guy."

I need to know ya'll opinion. Are my ears deceiving me?


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