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Did Swizz Beatz Cheat On Alicia Keys With LaLa Anthony Or Is He And Alicia Just Swingers?


While Wendy Williams continues to decline her former nemesis, Miss Jones, attempts to revive her career by kicking up celebrity dirt, that may or may not be true. The story she got making the rounds on blogs currently involves an alleged affair between Mr. Verzuz Swizz Beatz and LaLa Anthony.



Rumor: Allegedly, Swizz Beatz and LaLa Anthony are "madly in love," but he refuses to leave his wife Alicia Keys. Miss Jones, who received this information via DM, claims that Swizz had to tell LaLa to chill because she is usually the first person to repeatedly comment under his IG posts and he was worried her behavior would expose their love affair.

Swizz responded to this story on The Jasmine Brands with, "Knock it TF Off!!!"

Swizz Beatz Denies Having Affair With LaLa Anthony On Jasmine Brand.


Now, my first thought was maybe this is not an affair, but maybe the dynamics of Swizz and Alicia's marriage. There have been rumors for years that Alicia and LaLa are lesbians/bisexual. Maybe LaLa is for Alicia or Swizz and Alicia are swingers like TI and Tiny, without the alleged drugging. I just have a feeling if anything is going on, it's consentual and known by all parties.


What are ya'll thoughts on this dirty? Should Miss Jones takeover for Wendy?


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Dec 18, 2021

Even if this is true, who really cares?

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