I'm sure you all have heard of this girl, Dela Wesst, who is making tons of videos claiming Doja Cat, City Girls, and Ole Girl stole her music. She's equal parts amusing and annoying...LOL. However, she was contact by Kellye who is a member of the rap group, The Savages.

Kellye claims that the City Girls stole their song "Money Talk" and turned it into "Pussy Talk." Now, we know that on JT's verse she interpolates Nicki Minaj's "Boss Ass Bitch," and Yung Miami may be attempting to do the same with her verse, um..yeah. Anyways, the Savages hear parts of their song on the hook.

Let me know if you think The Savages have a case?

The Savages have also accused J White Did It & Megan of stealing "Savage."

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