DJ Akademiks and his Henny bottle is the gift that keeps on giving. When he gets that liquid courage

in him, loose lips sink ships, baby! First, he accidentally exposed Ole Girl for purposely allowing a lie to be spread about Nicki Minaj. Now, he is exposing how looney toons Joe Budden actually was during his negotiations with Complex. You mean to tell me that wasn't a "for the culture" moment...SHOCKER!

DJ Akademiks jumped on Twitch and responded to the shade that Joe Budden and Charlamagne threw at him during a recent interview on the Breakfast Club. On the show, with the whole cast of State of the Culture, Charlamagne and Joe were discussing how SOTC decided on four hosts. Charlamagne, who was the one who presented Joe with the SOTC opportunity, said he wanted it to be Joe Budden and Akademiks. So basically move Everyday Struggle from Complex to Revolt TV, what a creative mind he has. Anyways, Charlamagne said that Dj Akademiks was too SCARED to leave Complex.

DJ Akademiks did like being called scared. So, he decided to reveal what really happened between Joe Budden and Complex. But first, he had to let the Twitch world know that, "AKADEMIKS IS THE MOST FEARLESS MEDIA PERSONALITY IN THIS WORLD." I laughed so hard when he said this. The expression on his face is hilarious. It kinda reminds me of the time he started crying on Twitch after everyone started clowning him for staying on Everyday Struggle.

DJ Akademiks explained what went on behind the scenes between Joe Budden and Complex during negotiations. This was a long-ass video, so I trimmed it as much as I could without losing essential parts of Akademik's allegations. DJ Akademiks claims that Everyday Struggle was about him, not Joe and that he was willing to take a pay cut to keep Joe until he found out what Joe was really fighting for.

So, Joe Budden's delusional ass wanted:

  1. Approval Rights Over Akademik's Offers

  2. Ownership in Complex

Now, this is all coming from a person who does feel the truth is optional when speaking on people.

However, I have always suspected that Joe must have been asking for some ridiculous sh*t for it to end up the way it did and because it's Joe Budden.

No matter what Joe Budden or Charlamagne has done to DJ Akademiks, it's obvious he admires them by the way he uses his platform. When this sh*t all went down, Akademiks did allow Joe to run with false narratives, so don't get all mad now. According to the rules used on Everyday Struggle, you're not allowed to bring up old sh*t if you didn't say something back when it happened.

I just want Joe to respond.

Update #1:

Joe Budden replies to Akademiks' allegations in the usual media way. You notice that Joe does not deny Akademiks's allegations, but tries to excuse his snake behavior as "it's business". I hate when people try to act like there is only one way to do business and that is the snake way.

Media personalities hate being the story. They understand the clown sh*t they do to others can be very damaging. That is why I bet Joe reached out privately to AK. The problem with Joe is that he is the type to say one thing in private and then lash out publicly for the sake of "content".

I do think that Joe Budden mentored Akademiks. He mentored him to believe that the truth is whatever you can make the public believe, to be reckless with his words, and to believe everything is content. This is why Akademiks will have problems going forward.

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