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DJ Akademiks Tries To Get Girl Kicked Off By Fresh And Fit Podcast After She Exposes Him On Tasha K

Allegedly, What Had Happened...


If y'all thought Tasha K was going to switch up her content like Necole Bitchie after her embarrassing $3.8M loss to Cardi B, well, you would be wrong. Last night she posted a new video titled: "Bonus Exclusive: DJ Akademiks CALL GIRLS says his cards declined, fingers in butt & More." In this video, Tasha K interviews two girls, Madison and Lily, who told a story about the time they were "flewed out" to New Jersey by Akademiks.



Lily is one of the girls who waste their time on the Fresh & Fit podcast. When Akademiks was on the show, he heard her birthday was coming up, so he offered to fly her out to NJ and show her a good time. She accepted the invitation and brought her friend Madison.

Well, there was no good time to be had. Both girls claim Akademiks tried getting them drunk and repeatedly offered them hard drugs all night, his card for their room got DECLINED, and one of his weird friends/assistants went into Lily's room and watched her sleep. Then, when it was clear the girls were not trying to fck, AK turned into the character he plays on Twitch.

The girls really didn't want to get into the finger in the booty part, so I am unclear about that part of the story.



Madison Responding To Drama on IG:

Lily Responds To Drama on IG:



Well, y'all know that Akademiks is very sensitive and everything to him is content. So, he went on Twitch to "violate" the girls, but before that, he called up Fresh & Fit because he saw that Lily was on their show and tried to get her kicked off the show.

I think Tasha K only did this story because she did not like his coverage of the Cardi B lawsuit...WELP!


Is this the start of a Tasha K vs DJ Akademiks war?


Sidenote: On the surface, this is just another story about a guy frontin and something to laugh at AK about. However, If this story is true, the part about trying to get the girls drunk and offering drugs is problematic behavior. Is this a M.O. pattern with him and his crew? I have heard AK speak on women and sex enough to know I find him...nvm.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
02 Şub 2022

Late night listening...🍿🍿🍿

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