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DJ Envy Said All Joe Budden Did Was Fall Asleep Under The Console While At Hot97


I am surprised to learn that Joe Budden was a co-host at Hot97. What does not surprise me is that he only lasted a few months, and he was known as "that asshole that falls asleep under the console."😂

On her morning show reunion, Miss Jones recalled how her show started on Hot97. She said she showed up at the station for a sit-in, and DJ Envy pulled her to the side and gave her the rundown on what was going on. He told her Hot97 was going to hire her to be full-time, and when they do, "Don't let them bastards pay you less than they are paying Joe Budden cause all that nigga does is fall asleep under the console. Tracy has to come in here and literally sit next to him and read every break with him."🤭

DJ Envy has always been a chatty patty, but at least he used his yappers to help a Black woman. I think it helped that Miss jones is from Queens. He has a soft spot for people from Queens....well, some people from Queens.

Some things never change with Joe Budden...



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