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Doja Cat Teases "Streets" Music Video Dropping March 9th


Doja Cat isn't playing with the girls.

Doja posted, "For all you silly window shoppers." under a video clip playing the viral TikTok mash-up and "Silhouette Challenge" anthem of "Put Your Head On My Shoulders" blended with her hit song "Streets." As the camera is panning over a traffic jam it ends with a view of Doja Cat as a window mannequin. Next, the date March 9th in red flashes on the screen.

It looks like we are getting a music video!

Doja Cat told SZA during their V Magazine interview, "I didn’t know, also, that “Streets, would be doing well right now, of all times. I loved “Streets” and for it to blow up on TikTok a few weeks ago is completely out of my expectations."

"Streets" currently is #22 on Billboard, #7 on Rolling Stone, and #14 on Apple Music.

I am excited about this music video. I feel because people view Doja as "artsy" and she comes from a performing family, she doesn't get the same praise for her visuals as another rapper.

As for her album, Planet Her, don't put words in her mouth.


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