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Erica Banks and 1501 Entertainment Sign With Warner Records


1501 artists or former artist, Erica Banks, announces she signed with Atlantic Records parent company Warner Records. Congrats to her.


Now, let me talk about what is really interesting to me about this. As we know, 1501 Ent. is in a contract dispute with Megan Thee Stallion. 1501/ J Prince has alleged that Roc Nation, who manages Megan, was trying to break her contract so she can sign with another label. Megan argues the contract was unfair compared to industry standards.

Now, you have their next biggest artist, Erica Banks, signing with a major label a few days after J Prince did an interview where he said their dispute with Megan was being settled. We still have no word on that, by the way.

Soooo, is 1501 now just an A&R agency? In his caption, Carl Crawford wrote, "I couldn't be mo proud of this signing showing that we are the pipeline in Texas to the majors." Did Carl finally realize that he is not good at running a label but can be the spot to get local talent ready for major label deals?

All this J Prince talk about "poaching artists," but now it looks like 1501 Entertainment is setting itself up to be a spot to be poached, LOL. That is why J Prince was talking about settling things with Jay Z and they just want to be compensated. As if they weren't going to make money off Megan either way.

Through the deal that Carl made with 300, Megan already has ties to Atlantic and Warner, but I pray that Megan goes to Republic Records when free.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
08 de jan. de 2021

@Kimro, so much is put on Jay Z because that is the name that is known. I don't even care for Jay Z, but a lot of the talk surrounding Jay z and Megan is silly. Megan is signed to Roc Nation management. That has nothing to do with where she can sign as a label. That is why we see artists changing management all the time because it doesn't matter what label they are with. Also, Jay would not be dumb enough to create a conflict of interest by signing her to his own label.

As for Erica she can rap, but her personality leaves a lot to be desired. Most of her attention comes from people thinking she…


07 de jan. de 2021

I really like Erica. Happy for her. She has really been out here working frfr. I think this is to get her the clothes budget and video quality she need. I listen to her and KentheMan song at least 3 times a day. Her #bussitchallenge is blowing up on Tik tok.

Off topic @yaya but why do they put so much on Jay Z? (I'm not taking up for him) Do you think that maybe Lyor Cohen is behind the label thingy since she's signed to them for distribution? Do you think he's trying to get her to sign with his label/Atlantic since Roc Nation is only management?

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