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G Herbo Indicted On Federal Fraud Charges That Include The Dark Web, Private Jets, and Puppies


TTis the season for indictments. Yesterday news broke that the FEDS were looking for Casanova concerning an indictment on RICO charges. Today, news broke that Chicago rapper G Herbo, whose real name is Herbert Wright III, faces a 14-count indictment on federal fraud charges.

According to the Chicago Tribune, G Herbo, along with his music promoter and other members of his crew, allegedly "used stolen identifications to charge more than a million-dollar worth of exotic services for over four years." I know y'all are wondering what these "exotic services are."

The services are the usual Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous items:

  • Private Jets

  • Limousine Rides

  • Exotic Car Rentals

  • Vacations

  • Two Designer Puppies

G Herbo, who we know is currently dating the daughter of rapper Fabolous, is specifically being accused of using stolen credit card information obtained from the "dark web." He would then use code words to share the information on social media. The stolen info. would be called "cards," "moves" or "joints."



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