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UPDATE #4 - 12/21

I just found out that Hitmaka,, real name Christian Ward, did not show up for his court hearings in regard to the pistol-whipping allegations. So, Talia Tilley has won a 3-year domestic violence restraining order, attorney fees, and Hitmaka has to attend a 52-week batterer intervention program.

I would have expected much more serious consequences, but.. that's who it goes when you have money.

I wonder how many Atlantic Record executives have a domestic violence restraining orders against them for pistol-whipping a woman?



I was going over the restraining order Talia got against Hitmaka and noticed he is listed as her "Ex-Boyfriend." I only bring this up because I thought Hitmaka denied ever dating her. This is a legal document and Hitmaka has the money to pay top-notch lawyers who make sure everything is factual.



Talia Tilley has filed a restraining order against Hitmaka, as first reported by The Blast, and confirmed by me, myself, and I. Tilley alleges that after having intercourse, they fell asleep. At approx. 5 am, Hitmaka AKA Christian Ward started shaking and hitting her. He was upset over her phone, continually ringing and wanted to know who was calling her. He accused her of trying to "rob him." When she would not give him her phone, they started arguing. During the argument, Hitmaka started slapping and pushing her. She ran to the bathroom to avoid further attacks. When she opened the bathroom door, he pistol-whipped her. That's the short version of the story.



Talia Tilley, the alleged victim in the HItmaka pistol-whipping drama, has retained ball-buster Lisa Bloom as her attorney. How "DA FCK" did she do that? According to this letter Hitmaka posted, Tilley is willing to let bygones be bygones if he gives her a soft pillow of money to sleep on at night.

I think Tilley should be concerned about if there is any way they can connect her to those men who attempted to break into Hitmaka's house. She is very bold to be trying to ask for money after that video was released. Maybe there is more to this story than what we think.


Atlantic Records' A&R VP, Christian Ward AKA Hitmaka AKA Yung Berg, has responded to the allegation of him pistol-whipping his "girlfriend" last Saturday in his Los Angeles home.

According to a statement released by HItmaka's lawyer, Talia Tilley, is not his girlfriend. However, they were hanging out at his house and were physically intimate. After being intimate, she allegedly attacked him unprovoked. Hitmaka claims he was defending himself from her repeated slaps and punches.

This is where it gets weird, while he was defending himself, his house alarm went off. Hitmaka posted that three gunmen attempted to take his life in a home invasion. Obviously, the Pop Smoke incident would come to many people's minds after reading this. HItmaka posted videos from his security system to support his claims. He also claims to Talia was communicating with someone and giving out her location. So, his defense was that this was a setup.

I don't get why Talia would start fighting with him instead of letting the guys in to handle Hitmaka. That would be the smart way to do a home invasion. I mean they had just had sex. He should at his most vulnerable. Also, it's not explained when he got his gun. There is also no date/time stamp on the video. Just asking the questions her team might ask.


*I made an error, there is a date and time stamp. It's just very tiny. It does say 3/14 on the time stamp.


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Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
18 de mar. de 2020

Thats why u don't have people in yo home yo house is supposed to be ur place of peace

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