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Houston PD Arrested Patrick Xavier Clark On Murder Charges In The Killing Of Migos Rapper Takeoff

Patrick Xavier Clark Arrested In Houston On Murder Charges For Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff.


Ten days after Houston PD arrested Cameron "Lil Cam" Joshua for felony possession of a firearm, they announced the arrest of Patrick Xavier Clark for the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff, real name Kirsnick Khari Ball.

At a news conference, Chief Troy Finner revealed that Clark, a local Houston DJ known as DJ Pat, was arrested last night on the east side of Houston on Sterlin Green Blvd. Sergeant Burrows confirmed what many of us know: on the night of Takeoff's murder, there was a lucrative dice game at a private party. An argument happened afterward, which led to the shooting. Burrows states, "Takeoff was not involved in the playing in the dice game. He was not involved in the argument that happened outside. He was not armed. He was an innocent bystander."

Houston PD knows the exact number of people outside during the shooting; however, they are not releasing that information. It was noted that everyone left that night without giving a statement, and they are still looking for people to come forward in what they say is still an ongoing investigation.

Houston PD used video surveillance, cell phone footage, audio, physical evidence, shooting reconstruction, and confirmed ballistics to conclude that Patrick Clark was the "lethal" shooter in the case.



We heard all those shots, so I would be shocked if only Clark were charged with murder. Also, I find it interesting that Houston PD had Cameron Joshua's photo up, even though he is currently only charged with being a felon with a firearm.

When the Chief was asked if Lil Cam's gun was used in this killing, the Chief would not answer. So I think they are still testing his weapon and believe he did more than just have a gun on the scene because otherwise, there is no reason to have his photo up during the press conference because it makes him seem like one of the shooters.


Update: 12/2 at 9:11 PM PST

Clark was listed as a flight risk due to him applying for an expedited passport shortly after the shooting, and he had an itinerary for a flight to Mexico. He had just received his passport before being arrested.

Clark's bail is set at $2M, and if he can bond out, he must stay away from J Prince Jr and Shakur Stevenson.


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