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After 2-Years Of Delays, Tory Lanez Trial For Shooting Megan Thee Stallion Will Finally Begin

Daystar Peterson Professionally Known As Tory Lanez Starts Trial On Monday, Nov. 28th. We Will Have Updates Until A Verdict Is Reached.


FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS, WE WATCHED TORY LANEZ PLAY HIDE-N-SEEK WITH LADY JUSTICE as he hid behind DJ Akademiks fat ass while fanning the flames of Hip Hop's ever-present misogynoir. But come Monday, November 28, tag, you're it, muthafcka, as jury selection for his long-awaited trial finally begins.

No more leaking false information to blogs/podcasts, No more lying about gag orders, No more gaslighting, and No more pretending Megan Thee Stallion is on trial.

Tomorrow there will only be one person sitting at the defense table facing one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and one count of carrying a loaded, concealed firearm in a vehicle, and that will be Daystar Peterson. Barring any last-minute plea deals.

After jury selection, we will finally get answers to the following:

  • Is Kylie the real reason Tory had to leave the party once she realized Megan had left?

  • What was the argument about?

  • Did Tory really say, "Dance, Bitch" before allegedly opening fire on Megan

  • Exactly how many shots were fired

  • Did Tory attempt to bribe Kelsey

  • What is Kelsey's role in this

  • How did Tory and Kelsey get GSR on their hands

  • Whose gun is it

  • What will the driver say

  • What will the witness say

  • Will Tory Lanez testify

We will also get to assess just how strong or weak the D.A.'s case is and if Shawn Holley is worth her reputation.

The jury selection starts on 11/28 at 8:30 AM in Los Angeles, and I will be updating throughout the trial.