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Jason Lee Calls Out Nicki Minaj's Brother After Being Dragged Over Kissing Video


In the realm of struggling shows, Jason Lee's presence on Revolt TV stands out as a shining example of failure. But, while his interviews have failed to captivate audiences, a video of Jason Lee kissing a younger man on Instagram Live has done what the Jason Lee Show has yet to do - grab everyone's attention. With his disheveled appearance resembling an intoxicated troll doll, it's safe to say that Jason's midlife crisis is in full swing.



Predictably, the Barbz seized on this opportunity to remind the self-proclaimed king of gossip of his past allegations. Jason Lee then responded by going lower than his ratings by tweeting about Nicki Minaj's brother: "Nicki fans mad at me for kissing a 30-year-old when her brother fcked his stepdaughter is crazy to me."

You notice how Jason, who claims to be a victim of sexual abuse, has no problem tweeting about triggering information whenever he gets in his feelings? Well, any hopes of interviewing Nicki have gone out the window, LOL. I wonder if Nicki Minaj called Diddy. I mean, if she was willing to call over a catchphrase she does not own, why not this.



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05 juin 2023

That was nasty of him because she was raped not fucked. Everytime Cardi music don’t perform as they expected her bloggers/YouTubers lash out. Just like when Jason spoke sideways after normani’s song was underperforming. Try to change the conversation on her behalf…

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