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Jason Lee Has Inserted Himself Into The Nicki Minaj Vs. Jennifer Hough Drama

Jason Lee inserts himself into the Jennifer Hough Lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.

Last night the Barbra-ganda blogs plastered a chopped and screwed video of Jennifer Hough allegedly admitting she lied on Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty. As we all know, Petty is a registered sex offender after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of attempted rape of Hough in the 90s.

This coordinated attack started, conveniently, after Cardi B alluded to Petty's conviction while arguing with a Barbra. Which also happened to be the same day Petty had a hearing in his case with Hough.

While I was not planning on making a post about this mess, I felt compelled to after Jason Lee posted he will be doing an exclusive interview with Jennifer Hough.

This can either go very good or very bad for Jennifer. The same goes for Nicki Minaj.



I hate when bloggers/media people treat everything like a chance to get "tea," even when it involves something as serious as rape. I also question if Jason has kept up enough with the case to know what to ask, so this is not just a rehash of the other interviews she has already done.

We will see...



What disturbs me about this whole mess is that Nicki Minaj seems more interested in attacking a proven rape victim/survivor than the racist justice system that she alleges put her husband behind bars when he was a teen. Why does Nicki Minaj have the time and money to attempt to get Kenny's S.O. tier lowered but not the same time and money to clear his name?

I have questioned why Nicki doesn't go after the Judge who, according to her statements, ignored

Jennifer's attempts to recant and wrongfully convicted Kenneth.

On Queen Radio, Nicki, mistakenly or not, accused the Judge of wrongdoing, not Jennifer. So, the "justice system" did Kenneth wrong and Jennifer. Going after a judge or attacking the evidence/case, as most wrongfully convicted people do, the public can understand. But, constantly using others to launch these attacks, painting Jennifer as a neighborhood toss-up on multiple platforms is disgusting.

The only reason to use this tactic is that there is nothing in the case to attack. It would make things worse to open those cans of worms, so attempting to exonerate Kenny in the comment section of blogs instead of the court is Nicki's only option.

Do I smell a defamation and libel lawsuit coming against multiple blogs?


Jennifer Hough did speak to Nosey Heaux Live but I have not had a chance to listen yet. Here is the link CLICK HERE


*Sidenote: Blogs running with this narrative are the same ones who push lies about the Tory Lanez case.


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